Yamuna Protection

On_the_banks_of_New_Yamuna_bridge,_AllahabadThe Yamuna, one of the greatest rivers on the planet is rich in history and has provided nourishment to the people residing near her banks for thousands of years.

The river is 1,376 km long and passes through 7 states. Some of India’s most significant attractions including the capital New Delhi with the population of 14 million, Vrindavan – an international pilgrimage site visited by tens of millions anually and the Taj Mahal – a world heritage site and one of the 7 wonders of the world, are situated at the Yamuna’s banks.

It has been established that greedy and reckless appropriation of water and irresponsible use of the river as a channel for urban sewage and untreated industrial effluents has been contributing towards the death of the river.

Photo0065The secret of revival of river Yamuna lies in our ability to ensure adequate lean season flow in the river downstream of Hathinikund-Tajewala barrage.

Waste water drains originating west of the river in Delhi (22 km) should be made to drain into a canal running alongside (under the ring road where required) parallel to the river and meet directly to he Agra canal.